Sustainable Living Center at Kyle Sustainable Living Center at Kyle The Center 10-12 170606496 Our bamboo that helped get our NWF Wildlife Habitat Certification 170606497 A Beautiful Floral Container Garden 170606498 Our front porch complete with a ceiling fan for "sitting a spell." 170606499 A full kitchen for our workshops and making "freshed picked lunch." 170606500 Our Living Memorial Tree Planted in memory of those who have left their mark on our hearts, before passing. 170606501 Our NWF Wildlife Habitat Certification 170606502 Sledge St. frontage with our raised beds 170606504 Working compost piles 170606505 Come on in and grab a book and read a while or plan out your garden 170606506 Watch out - they're everywhere 170606507 Grow Green - Mock Orange 170606508 Grow Green - Turk's Cap 170606509 Grow Green - Butterfly Bush 170606510 Grow Green - Bottlebrush 170606511 Moon rising over the roofline 170608105