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PDF Series;

Bees and Beekeeping-   Intro to Urban Beekeeping  PDF Rev. 1 083116

                                           The Benefits of Local Raw Honey PDF Rev. 1 082016

                                      Gifts from the Hive  PDF Rev. 1 081916                                 

                                           10 Real Unique Facts about Bees PDF Rev. 1 090116

Top Bar Hives, Internally-   This is a great video to help understand how a top bar bee hive is organized and how it functions. (You Tube Video)
Alternative Beekeeping Using The Top Bar Bee Hive and The Bee Guardian Methods

Worms-   Everything you wanted to know about worms PDF Rev.1 032713

Additional Video Links;

Micro Farming in Urban Settings
  This is a fantastic series to start with if you're interested in urban agriculture.
Food Love: Growing Power 1 of 3
Food Love: Growing Power 2 of 3
Food Love: Growing Power 3 of 3

Vermiponics / Worms in Aquaponic Systems-  A good explanation on why worms benefit an aquaponic system
VERMAPONICS! Is this the Holy Grail of aquaponics?

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